Friday, October 16, 2015

Conference Registration and coffee opens at the Ware Center at 8am Wreck-the-Formats WTF Moves! Guided Movement Sessions to Increase Embodied Awareness (The Yin of Affect) Jennifer Lin LeMesurier (Colgate University) – Friday and Saturday 8–8:20 am, left side of Upper Grand Foyer (behind Steinman Auditorium); drop-in attendance (and the group can decide about meeting again later in the day if desired) WTF Interacts! Poems of Love and Letters of Recommendation Miranda Texidor (Visual Artist: Quito, Ecuador) – portico and front walkway of the Ware Center, Friday & Saturday WTF Installations! To Sit Without Echoes: What is the Affect of an Anechoic Chamber? Peter McMurray, Matthew Battles, & James Yamada (Harvard /metaLab) + Michael Heller (U of Pittsburgh) in the Regitz Gallery Friday and Saturday WTF Installations! The Habermas Machine Kristopher J. Holland (U of Cincinnati) in the Regitz Gallery: Friday & Saturday WTF Installations! Impression/Mobius Maya Pindyck & Kay Gordon (Columbia U) in the Regitz Gallery Friday and Saturday Panels Friday, October 16 – 8:20 until 10:00am (underlined name on panel indicates ‘panel chair’) 2-1: Curating Contingency: Art Programming as Affective Intervention and Urban Experimentation (S14) – STEINMAN AUDITORIUM (Caitlin Bruce) Elena Basile and Roberta Buiani / Turning space into place. Thinking through an experiment in affective mapping Salma Abdel Salam / Moving and Sounding: Gesticulating the Limits of Civility Jennifer Fisher / Curating Affect in Museum Interventions and Civic Spectacle Julian Brash / Engineering Affect: Design, Experience, and Politics on the High Line Erin Siodmak / Aesthetic Encounters in Urban Space: The Heidelberg Project (Tyree Guyton, Detroit, 1988-ongoing) 2-2: Querying Fluidities: an affective aesthetics of space / touch / habit (S19) – ATRIUM Pearl Brilmyer / ‘Necessities of Attraction and Desire’: Félix Ravaisson and the Affective History of Habit Mark Paterson / On sensation, affect, and motor habits in Ravaisson and Bergson. Habit-bodies. Tonya Davidson / Tracing the Affective Work of Monuments: Unmapping as a Methodological Practice Andrej Radman / Affective Warping of Manifolds: No Movement, No Brain 2-3: Sexualities, memories, shame (S1) – GRAND SALON (Tom Roach) Claudia Breger / Slow Worldings: Unfolding Affective Complexity in Fassbinder’s Katzelmacher Marlee Fuhrmann / A Chaste Affair: Resisting Hetero-Chrononormativity in the Novel Bogdan Popa / No need for temporality in queer life? Owen Renik’s mistakes and Judith Butler’s resignification of shame Peter Rehberg / Drive, Pleasure, Affect: Sexual Temporalities in Post-Pornography Natalie Haziza / ‘Under Erasure’: William Kentridge and Post-apartheid South Africa 2-4: Figurations: Affective Circulation and the Religious (S13) – CHORAL Ronald Walter Greene and Darin Hicks / The Affective Economy of Conviction Gail Hamner / The Cultural Work of Religion Documentaries: Deploying Affect to (re)Draw the Normative Boundaries Josh Brahinsky / Pentecostal Practice and the Non-volitional Bent of Affect Theory Yunus Do?an Telliel / Calling Muslims: Affective Politics and Ritual Words 2-5: Techné (S5) – BINNS (Sarah Cefai) Elizabeth Stephens / Affective Machines: Towards an Organology of the Screen Ryan Sheldon / Shot Reverse Shot: Slow Violence, Spectacular Warfare, and the Body on Screen Misha Kavka / The Affective Screen or Wearable Tech, or What Ever Happened to Google Glass? Mack Hagood / Administer Aurally: Tinnitus and Orphic Media 2-6: Affective Ecologies Gone Wild (S17) – LOWER LEVEL 1-02 (Matthew Tiessen) Stephanie Erev / What is it Like to Become a Bat? Transspecies Affects in an Age of Extinction Emily Roehl / `The Outlines of Impacts Suffered’: Performing the Petrochemical Landscape Bridget Guarasci / Birding Under Fire: Iraq’s Marsh Restoration during the Recent War Courtney O’Dell-Chaib / Desiring Devastated Landscapes: Affective Intimacies After Ecological Collapse Wreck-the-Formats WTF Workshops! Touchy Matters: ?Writing about Online Baits & Triggers Theresa Senft (NYU), Friday 10:15-12:15 in Ware Center Room 3-04 WTF Interacts! Landing in the Stream – with SenseLab participants A WTF movement that cuts through site and scales of attention, modulating the event. Join us for a first exploration of techniques in the making. First Departing Iteration on the main first upper grand foyer at 10:30 am on Friday & through Saturday (as other Distributed Iterations reverberate along the days). Panels Friday October 16 – 10:15 until 11:55am (underlined name on panel indicates ‘panel chair’) 2-7: In the Gap: Time and Glitch (S19) – STEINMAN AUDITORIUM Steven D. Brown and Paula Reavey / Vital Memory and Affect: Living with a difficult past Jenny Sundén / Affect Glitch Anu Koivunen / Affective Historiography: Time, Trauma, and Transference William Bogard / The Caesura or Break in Time 2-8: Worlds of Affect: Listening as Worlding (S12) – ATRIUM Srdan Atanasovski / Democracy of the Flesh: Urban Soundscapes and the Affective Life of the Subject Margret Grebowicz / Smart Devices and Interspecies Curiosity; or: How Can We Talk to Dolphins if We Can’t Talk to Each Other? Deborah Kapchan / Slow Ethnography, Slow Activism: Listening and the Longue Durée Lisbeth Lispari / Interlistening & the Tout Ensemble 2-9: An Inventory of Affects for Arts Based Research (S8) – GRAND SALON Kristopher Holland / Sifting Foundational Ruins: An Inventory of Affects for Art-Based Research Janae Sholtz / How Can We Make Ourselves Sensitive to Immanence and the Fluidity of Thought? A Fluxus Art-Affect of Indeterminacy Lindsey Lodhie / Artificial Tears: Affective Media as Laboratory Mise-en-Scene Paula Caspão / Research Affects: An inter-choreographic perspective Kristen Mundt / Decolonizing Landscapes: Peripatetic Cultural Production and the Power of the Ordinary 2-10: Feminist Archives of Sustainable Affects (S6) – CHORAL Jami Weinstein / Vital Affects: A Theory of Indifference Ethics for Posthumous Lives Melissa Deem / Historical Stutters: Affective Autopsy and the Resurrection of a Feminist Archive Marina Levina / Post-Apocalypse/Post-Affect: Kinships and Re-Productive Imaginaries in Feminist Science Fiction 2-11: The Missing (S5) – BINNS (Ben Anderson) Rebecca Adelman / Fictive Intimacies of Detention: Mediation, Affect, and the Activist Imagination of Guantánamo Bay Joy James / Distance, Intimacy, and Affective Knowledges Sarah Cefai / Disappearing Acts: Biopolitics and Material Images Kerry Whigham / Occupying Space, Amplifying Affect: The American Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island 2-12: Queer Materiality (S7) – LOWER LEVEL 1-02 (Eliza Steinbock) Gillian Harkins / Out of the Woods: White Pedophiles and the Limits of Vile Sovereignty Hilary Malatino / Feeling Better: Gendered Becoming, Microprosthetics, and Neocolonial Necropolitics Kyla Schuller / Vaginal Impressions: Civilized Sexuality and the Historicity of Affect Jeanne Vaccaro / Money’s Doodles 11:55 – 1:25 Lunch Break Wreck-the-Formats WTF Workshops! Wreck: Affective Architecture Workshop Julian Carter (California College of Arts), Rebekah Edwards (Mills College), Michelle LaVigne (U of San Francisco) & Selby Schwartz (Stanford U), Friday 1:30-3:00 pm Ware Center’s von Hess Library Room (2nd floor) Panels Friday October 16 – 1:25 until 3:05pm (underlined name on panel indicates ‘panel chair’) 2-13: Listening to Technical and Tactical Worlds (S12) – STEINMAN AUDITORIUM (Deborah Kapchan) Nick Bazzano / On Holding On-Hold: Sound, Affect, Attunement, Acceleration David Cecchetto / Listening away from twenty-first century media Michael Heller / “What is the Affect of an Anechoic Chamber? Pt. 1: Wedge, Ping, Bat, Cage” Eldritch Priest / Sonic Contagions and Libidinal Technics 2-14: Trans Affect (S7) – ATRIUM (Kyla Schuller) Ido Katri / Trans-Arab-Jew: The Affect of In-Betweeness and Exclusionary Law Eliza Steinbock / Micro-Analysis of Trans* Visual Activists: On Affective Exchange in Researching Portraiture Abram J. Lewis / Trans Animisms Aren Aizura / Affective Vulnerability, Risk, and Debt 2-15: Managing Work and Self through Affective Engagements: Researching, Teaching, and Living in the Neoliberal Academy (S9) – GRAND SALON (Anna Gibbs) Rob Shields / Affect and neoliberal governance: Academic Research and the Birth of the Nanopolitical Mark James / Feeling the Problem: Working through Diversity Work Naomi Greyser / Writing through Writer’s Block: Race, Gender and Affective Obstacles in a Neoliberal Academy Jennifer Sano-Franchini / “It’s Like Being in a Co-Dependent Relationship with Someone Who Doesn’t Even Want You!”: Affect, Emotional Labor, and the Academic Job Market in Rhetoric and Composition 2-16: Method and Affects in the Aftermaths of Violence (S4) – CHORAL Cecilia Macón / On Not To Talk: Hope and Joy as Resilience.  The Case of Female Victims of Sexual Violence in the Argentinian Crimes Against Humanity Trials Kaitlin Murphy / Memory, Performance, and the Politics of the Visual Alana Vehaba / Reaching Out to Palden: An Incomplete Methodology for Meeting a Tibetan Self-immolator Susana Wappenstein / States of Reconciliation: Affect in Colombia’s Post-Conflict Audrey Winpenny / Aphonic Ethnography: Plumbing Subterranean Affects Within Narco-landia 2-17: Techné of Movement (S15) – BINNS Carolina Cambre/ Transsemiotic Worldings: Toward process centered (anarchic) visual methodologies Casey Boyle / Gilbert Simondon, Rhetoric & Transductive Practice Jennifer Lin LeMesurier / Practising Bodies: Drawing on Affect in Dance Pedagogy Jana Rosinski / Instruments of Intensity: Visualizing Affect 2-18: Affective Entanglements: Feminist Production that Matters (S6) – LOWER LEVEL 1-02 Margaret E. Toye / Re-imagining Feminist Theories of ‘love’ in a Post Human World Alecia Jackson and Lisa Mazzei / Erin Manning’s ‘Bodying’ at the Intersection of Posthumanism and Material Feminisms Belén Martín-Lucas / Cyborgian and Monstrous Affects: Kinship by Affinity in Canadian Feminist Speculative Fiction M. Sofia Pimentel Biscaia / ‘Like Us:’ Affirmative Posthuman Affects in Patricia Piccinini’s Work Plenary 3:20 – 4:50 Plenary #3: Lauren Berlant and Katie Stewart, Steinman Hall (Chair: Elizabeth Wilson) Panels Friday October 16 – 5:05 until 6:45pm (underlined name on panel indicates ‘panel chair’) 2-19: Attention (S3) – STEINMAN AUDITORIUM Susanna Paasonen / In the mood for distraction Jonathan Doucette / “Every Smile Counts”: Digital Surveillance in the Emotion Economy Liz Kinnamon / Attention Under Repair: Asceticism from “Self-Care” to “Care of the Self” Alison Hearn / Verified: Twitter, identity management, and affective capitalism 2-20: Theorizing Affect in Everyday Lives (S11) – ATRIUM (Katie Stewart) Tahereh Aghdasifar / Rhythms of the Banal: Tracing Everyday Erotics in Female Homosocial Spaces in Iran Kerryn Drysdale / Intimate Attunements: Everyday Affect in Sydney’s Drag King Scene Esther Hitchen / Austere Environments: Developing a Micro-Politics of Austerity through Understanding it as Lived and Felt in Everyday Life Julie Wilson and Emily Chivers Yochim / Affective Infrastructures in Everyday Life: Mothers, Digital Media, and Precarity Joseph C. Russo / Gnarled Ecologies: Forms and Limits of the Ordinary 2-21: Temporal, Psychoanalytic, Affective Theories (S1) – GRAND SALON (Katie Gentile) Lisa Baraitser / Psychic Time, Persistent Psychoanalysis Gila Ashtor / Telling Relational Time: Transference and the Ideology of Affect (A Laplanchian Critique) Christa Binswanger and Andrea Zimmerman / Queering the Palimpsest: affective interplay across time Suzanne Cataldi Laba / Remorse, Responsibility and The Sense of an Ending Stephen M. Levin / The Psychodynamics of Automatism: Theorizing the Inability to Play 2-22: Aesthetic Blackness (S2) – CHORAL Rizvana Bradley / Some Notes on Abstraction, Flesh and Form Soyoung Yoon / Scraped Tablets?: The Fiction of Blackness in Jean Rouch’s The Human Pyramid (1960) Amalle Dublon / In Excess of a “Proper Cause” Nicole De Brabandere / Sticky Currents: Drawing Folds in Serial Exhaustion 2-23: Circuits of Violence (S18) – BINNS  (Luis-Manuel Garcia) Ali Colleen Neff & Sindhu Zagoren/ Fugitive Proximities: Mobile Media Practices and the Black Lives Matter Movement Christine Lavrence / Mobility, Empathy and Genocide Tourism Amani Husain / Border Affects and (Be)longing: Rethinking Strangers on the US-Mexico Border Christopher Howard / Feeling Vulnerable: Affective Atmosphere and Embodied Learning in Tourism Mobilities Rachel E. Dubrofsky / Auschwitz Selfie: Happiness and Death on Twitter 2-24: Wreck the Format: Evocations / Provocations – LOWER LEVEL 1-02 (Robert Spicer) Donora Hillard-Hare / The Aphasia Poems Bianca Scliar / Moveable Noisy Spaces Ligia Lewis / Sensation 1 Wreck-the-Formats WTF Workshops! Sticky Currents: Drawing Folds in Serial Exhaustion Nicole De Brabandere (Zurich University of the Arts) Friday 6:45 pm Lower Level 1-04 6:45 – 8:45 Dinner Break WTF Workshops! Writing Practice as Affect Theory: A Public Feelings Salon Ann Cvetkovich (UT-Austin), Friday 6:45-8:45 pm (catered meal over the dinner break; pre-registration – SOLD OUT! With waitlist) – Von Hess Library (2nd floor) Plenary 8:45 – 11:00 Plenary #4: Shaka McGlotten, Tavia Nyong’o, and Zizi Papacharissi, Steinman Hall (Chair: Tom Roach) 11:00 Conference adjourns for the day Back to Schedule and Summary overview Go Back