Saturday, October 17, 2015

Conference Registration and coffee opens at the Ware Center at 8am WTF Moves! Guided Movement Sessions to Increase Embodied Awareness (The Yin of Affect) Jennifer Lin LeMesurier (Colgate University) – Friday and Saturday 8–8:20 am, left side of Upper Grand Foyer (behind Steinman Auditorium); drop-in attendance (and the group can decide about meeting again later in the day if desired) Panels Saturday, October 17 – 8:20 until 10:00am (underlined name on panel indicates ‘panel chair’) 3-1: Worldings (S5) – STEINMAN AUDITORIUM (Erin Manning) Sun-ha Hong / The Experiencing ‘I’ and Parameters of Affection in the Online Surveillance Society Lone Bertelsen / The Productive Unconscious, Immediation and a New Micropolitics Marc Boumeester / Mediating Media: Superfolding Affective Registers as ‘Veillance’ in Post-Humanity Andrew Murphie / The World as Medium – Whitehead’s Media Theory 3-2: Racializing Queer Affect (S7) – ATRIUM (Aren Aizura) Nael Bhanji / Trans Necropolitics: Terrorism, Vigil/ance, and the Affective Geopolitics of Transsexual Memorialization Colin Ashley and Michelle Billies / Black Fugitivity and Queer Genocidality Julian Gill-Peterson / Flesh, or Organic Form: On the Cultivation of Trans of Color Critique 3-3: Money (S3) – GRAND SALON Joe Deville / Following capitalism’s affects: The case of consumer credit (and what affect theory can learn from STS) Marcia Klotz / Willful Submission and Capitalist Affect: What Money Wants Is You John Andrews / The Affective Politics of the Economy Erik Bordeleau / The Transindividual Collective at the End of the Economy 3-4: Articulation of Affect for Arts Based Research (S8) – CHORAL Nandita Baxi Sheth /Affect and the Art Encounter: Art at the Speed of Slow Andriko Lozowy, Rob Sheilds, Mickey Vallee / Crystalizing the Canadian Tar Sands Adrienne Boulton-Funke / Nomadic Inquiry of School Spaces: Affect and the Aesthetics of Becoming Megan O’Byrne / “We Shall Overcome” to “Big Yellow Taxi”: Music as Affective Art in an Environmental Social Movement 3-5: In the Impasses of Everyday Life: Refrains, Circuits, Survival (S11) – BINNS (Julie Wilson) Marnie Ritchie / Cliche Clusters: Nine-Eleven Refrains as Ordinary Melodramas Hollis Griffin / Neoliberalism’s Circuitry: Crisis Ordinariness and ‘Every Day’ Affect Lindsey Whitmore / Intoxicated Bodies, Ordinary Knowing: Exploring the Affective Politics of Drugs Miranda Ganzer and Erin Siodmak / Refrains that Change: Sex and Dynamism in Everyday Life Chad Shomura / Political Impassivities: Magnetic Affects, Dark Atmospheres, and Watching and Waiting at the End of a World 3-6: Pain /  Triggers / Intensities (S19) – Lower Level 1-02 Maria Mortensen / When pain affects and bodies connect Katariina Kyrola / Trigger Warnings, Feminist Affects and ‘Safe Space’ Vyshali Manivannan / The Author is in Pain (WTF! performance/presentation) Plenary 10:15-12:30 Plenary #5: Patricia Clough, Jasbir Puar, and Ben Anderson, Steinman Hall (Chair: Jack Bratich) 12:30 – 1:45 Lunch Break Wreck-the-Formats WTF Interacts! KETL: forays in affective futures Michael Hornblow + Melora Koepke (SenseLab) – begins Saturday afternoon around the covered portico of the Ware Center, and then 7:05-8:45 pm in the Firestone parking lot behind the Ware Center (208 West Orange St) WTF Speaks! Movable Noisy Spaces Bianca Scliar of Moinho de Danças / SenseLab (State University of Santa Catarina, Brazil) Saturday 1:45-2:25 pm Lower Level 1-04 (30-40 minute walk/rhythmanalysis of Ware Center’s architectural landing sites) Panels Saturday, October 17 – 1:45 until 3:25pm (underlined name on panel indicates ‘panel chair’) 3-7: Encounters (S3) – STEINMAN AUDITORIUM (Tero Karppi) Tony Sampson / Various Joyful Encounters with the Dystopias of Affective Capitalism Yvette Granata / Hauntology, Aesthetics, and Toys in Glass Globes: or Making Glitch Art with Derrida Instead Marija Cetini? & Jeff Diamanti / Four Genres of Affect Theory, or From Matter to Materialism Eric Jenkins / Addictions and Subscriptions: On the Waxing and Waning of Affect in Contemporary Capitalism 3-8: Political Subjectivities, Citizenship and Affects (S4) – ATRIUM Mai Alkhamissi / Journey to Quietism: Egypt’s Independent Trade Unions and the Politics of Fear Lisa A. Flores / Performing Patriotism: The Affective Subjectivity of Mexican Braceros Michael Lechuga / Alienhood, Nomadism, and Challenging the Constitutive Citizenship Paradigm in the US Mehdi Semati / The Politics of Affect and the Republic Virginia Villamediana / A New Promise of Happiness: The Good Living of the 21st Century Socialism in Ecuador 3-9: Re-Facing the Creative City: Affect, Economies, and Precarious Temporalities (S14) – GRAND SALON Paige M. Johnson / The End of Affect? Anti-Busking Laws and the Changing Face of Street Performance in Yogyakarta Caitlin Bruce / Tour 13: From Precarity to Ephemerality, Affective Interventions in Temporalities of Creative Destruction” Andie Shabbar / From Graffiti to Ghosts: Queer Art as Affective In(ter)vention in Urban Space Erica L. Johnson / On Sugar: Memory and Memorial as Affective Archives 3-10: Affective Ecologies and Everyday Emotional Economies (S17) – CHORAL Alec L. Foster / Emotional Ecologies and Economies of Care in Philadelphia Aurora Fredriksen / Cats, crabs, conservation: The affects of eco-nostalgia and monstrous hybridities in everyday outdoor encounters Matthew Tiessen / Transpierce the Mountains: Forests, Ubiquitous Computing, and the Affective Evolution of Urban Ecological Escapism Gavin Weedon / Mud, Premodern Nostalgia and Overcoming Obstacles in an `Extreme’ Endurance Sport 3-11: Affective Methodologies (S15) – BINNS Esther Hitchen & Sam Slatcher/ Keeping alive the encounter through affective research practice Louise Boisclair / The Voice of the Event or How the self-creative force “Relax” deviates or absorbs the destructive forces in a Fall Collin G. Brooke / When Algorithms Attack! The Affective Consequences of Social Media Trisha Campbell / Voice Practice 3-12: Anxieties and Petrifications (S1) – LOWER LEVEL 1-02 (Lisa Baraitser) Katie Gentile / Fetal Bodies as Narcissistic Defense in the face of Hyperobjects Christopher Chamberlin / Affective Ankylosis: Fanon and the Petrification of Colonialism Rachel Liebert / Re-turning the magic: Using public art to experiment with the radical potential of paranoia Plenary 3:40 – 5:10 Plenary #6: Melissa Gregg and Natasha Dow Schull, Steinman Hall (Chair: Jenny Sunden) Panels Saturday, October 17 – 5:25 until 7:05pm (underlined name on panel indicates ‘panel chair’) 3-13: Transfigurations: Engaging Religious and Secular Affect (S13) – STEINMAN AUDITORIUM Denise Grollmus / Feeling Addicted: Repurposing Religious Discourse in Narratives of Addiction Jessica Johnson / Testimonies to Trauma of Religious and Secular Affective Political Value Deborah Gould / Becoming Coalitional: The Strange Alliance between Queer to the Left and the Jesus People, USA Sophie Bjork-James / Epistemologies of Affect and Discourses of the Self: Learning to Feel God in US Evangelicalism 3-14: Blackness, Performance and Protest (S2) – ATRIUM (Rizvana Bradley) James Ford III / Concerning Violence”: Lauryn Hill, Frantz Fanon, and Anticolonial Inheritance Christine Capetola / “Hold That Pose for Me”: FKA twigs, Synthesized Sounds, and Vibrational Collectivity Gerald Majer / Feeling the Baltimore Vibe: Hapticality, Rhythm, and ‘How We Party’ Taryn Jordan / Black Fugitive Affect: The Hologram as the Loophole of Retreat 3-15: Metaphors of Movement (S18) – GRAND SALON Luis-Manuel Garcia & Dorina M. Buda / Moving (in) Feeling: Affective Theories in Sound and Tourism Carolyn Veldstra/ Cynical Eddies: Affective Ambivalence and Neoliberalism’s Sticking Points Alina Haliliuc/ Cold Encounters: Emplaced Affect in Beyond the Hills Michael A. Di Giovine / From Pilgrimage to Heritage: Sensory Mechanisms of Religious and Secular Affect at the Italian Shrines to St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina 3-16: Posthuman Affects: New Feminist Epistemologies (S6) – CHORAL Vivienne Bozalek / The Political Ethics of Care and Feminist Posthuman Ethics Christine Filippone / Eco-Art, Open Systems and the Affective Posthuman Allyse Knox / Programmable Affects? Critical Art Ensemble and the Future Uncanny 3-17: Reading Human Rights and Literature Through Affect (S10) – BINNS Doro Wiese / Twin Evil: Capitalism and Colonialism in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Almanach of the Dead Élise Couture-Grondin / The Ordinary Violence of Colonialism in Rigoberta Menchú’s Testimony: Decolonizing Affect in Literary Criticism Katherine Hallemeier / The Bureaucracy of Compassion in Farming Ashes Helen Frost / New Affective Horizons: Troubling Human Rights Discourse in Achamt Dangor’s Bitter Fruit Manav Ratti / Affect After Apartheid: Human Rights and Representation in Sindiwe Magona’s Mother to Mother 3-18: Bodies in Motion and Sympathy (S16) – LOWER LEVEL 1-02 Emanuela Bianchi / Platonic Affects: Queer Inspiration and Corporeal Downgoing Gizem Sözen / Becoming a War Machine: Politics of Movement in Affection Brooke Holmes / Affective Communities in a Sympathetic Cosmos Lara Farina / That Old Dance: Moving Readers and the Forms of Affect Theory 7:05 – 8:45 Seasonal Soups and Bread w/ #AffectWTF Cake! 7:30-8:15 Ken Wissoker (Editorial Director: Duke University Press) hosts a PhD to Book Discussion with Q & A (bring your soup! Atrium) Plenary 8:45 – 11:00 Plenary #7: Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, and Steven Shaviro, Steinman Hall (Chair: John Protevi) Conference wraps at 11:00 pm! Back to Schedule and Summary overview Go Back