Thursday, October 15, 2015

Conference Registration opens at the Ware Center at 8am, Thursday, October 15 Panels Thursday, October 15 – 8:20 until 10:00am (underlined name on panel indicates 'panel chair') 1-1: Sound Affects, Sexualized Listening & New Worldings (S12) – ATRIUM (Deborah Kapchan) Michaela Frischherz /Listening to Orgasm: Translating Pleasure’s Affects in Women’s Visual/Aural Narratives Emma Leigh Waldron / “It FEELS SO REAL!”: Sense and Sexuality in ASMR Videos Barbara Browning / Listening to People Listening Ana Pais / The politics of encounter: Listening as intensification of affect Charmian Wells / Listening for the Break: The Kinetic-Sound Body 1-2: Exploring the Affective Dimensions of Black Political Thought: Optimism, Loss, Hope, Moodiness (S2) – GRAND SALON (Rizvana Bradley) John Drabinski / Baldwin Between Optimism and Pessimism Nijah Cunningham / Specters of Malcolm: Elegy, Affect, and the Echo of Other Worlds Seulghee Lee / Critical Moodiness in/as Blackness Jared Bly / Becoming-Colonized, Becoming-African, Becoming-Black 1-3: The Body Politic/The Politic as Body (S15) – CHORAL Sharon Avital / Happiness as Resistance Sarah Richter / Anarchist Affects: Performing the Fragment Astrid Schrader / Abyssal Logics: Microbial Deaths and Affect in Scientific Practices 1-4: Out of the Ruins: Place, Affect, and Everyday Worldings (S11) – BINNS (Emily Chivers Yochim) Melissa R. Meade / Affect and Extraction in the Anthracite Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania Kim Smith / It Doesn’t Get Better: Slow Death, Crude Oil, and Hopeless Prairie Hearts Lindsey Freeman / Ordinary Affects in the Atomic City Sabrina Lilleby / Contemporary Cairo: In the Encounter Between Extraordinary Happenings and Ordinary Affects Welcome and Plenary 10:15-10:30am Opening Welcome: Dean Diane Umble & Gregory J. Seigworth (Steinman Hall) 10:30 – 12:00 Plenary #1: Lisa Blackman and Heather Love (Steinman Hall – Chair: Greg Seigworth) 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch Break (box lunch provided) Panels Thursday, October 15 – 1:00 until 2:40pm (underlined name on panel indicates 'panel chair') 1-5: How like an animal (S19) – ATRIUM Dominic Pettman / Creaturely Love: How Desire Makes Us More and Less Than Human Jody Berland / But in my dreams began to creep that old familiar “tweet tweet tweet” Dorthe Staunæs / “May the horse be with you.” Posthuman encounters and the methodology of listening Ben De Bruyn / Affective Environments: Listening to Animals in Contemporary Fiction 1-6: Publics / Preparedness (S5) – GRAND SALON (Sarah Cefai) Jennifer Coates / Mediating Memory: The ‘Presumed Shared Experience’ of War Trauma in Classical Narrative Japanese Cinema Melissa Ames / Remediating National Tragedies (from 9/11 to Ferguson) on the Small Screen: Using Affect Theory to Study Contemporary Television Trends Michael Richardson / Encountering Radical Absence: Traumatic Affects in the Digitally Mediated Experience of Disappearance Steen Christiansen / Action Movies’ Worlding 1-7: Structures of Feeling and Everyday Gender Lives (S11) – CHORAL (Julie Wilson) Sarah Banet-Weiser and Laurie Ouellette / Affective Feminism and Everyday Life Erin J. Rand / The Dapper Affect Alien’s Neoliberal New Clothes Jamie Hakim / The Spornosexual: Affect and Male Embodiment During Neoliberal Austerity Frederika Thelandersson / Sad to the Core: Creating Collectivity around Everyday Sadness Jimmie Manning / The Pain of Pure Potential: Affective Assemblage, Notions of Family, and the Fluid Meaning of Purity Rings 1-8: Labor (S3) – BINNS (Tero Karppi) Tyler Hinson / From Art to Administration: Graphic design and the organization of affect in the cultural industries Emily West / Affect Theory and Advertising Kristin Swenson / “Willing Slaves of Capital” to “Willful Subjects” Against Capital Donald Hedrick / Inventing Affect:  The Origins of Fun and the Commodification of Boredom-Labor 2:55 – 4:35 Spotlight Panel in Ware Center Atrium Accumulated Affects: Blackness, Gender, and Sexual Difference in the Writing and Performing of Non-Normative Feeling (Rizvana Bradley) (S2) Ann Cvetkovitch / Documenting Ordinary Racism: Writing Practice as Affect Theory Amber Musser / The Space of Indeterminacy: Theorizing the Mother Zakiyyah Jackson / Sense of Things John Steen / Feeling’s Injury: Claudia Rankine and the Uncontainable Plenary 4:50 – 7:05 Plenary #2: Lawrence Grossberg, Jason Read, and Jeremy Gilbert (Atrium – Chair: Jennifer Daryl Slack) 7:05 Conference (except for a workshop) adjourns for the evening Wreck-the-Formats Thurs night 8:30-10:30 pm (The Seed Co-op) WTF Workshops! Navigating Through Social Distance: A Relational Exercise in Race and the Rip Kenneth Bailey and Lori Lobenstine, Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) & Anique Vered (SenseLab) Back to Schedule and Summary overview Go Back