Wreck-the-Formats Index

Download a PDF of Wreck-the-Format abstracts. DOWNLOAD WTF Moves! WTF! Guided Movement Sessions to Increase Embodied Awareness (The Yin of Affect) Jennifer Lin LeMesurier(Colgate University), Friday and Saturday 8–8:20 am, left side of Upper Grand Foyer (behind Steinman Auditorium); drop-in attendance (and the group can decide about meeting again later in the day if desired) WTF Installations! WTF! To Sit Without Echoes: What is the Affect of an Anechoic Chamber? Peter McMurray, Matthew Battles, & James Yamada (Harvard /metaLab) + Michael Heller (U of Pittsburgh) in the Regitz Gallery Friday and Saturday WTF! The Habermas Machine Kristopher J. Holland (U of Cincinnati) in the Regitz Gallery: Friday & Saturday WTF! Impression/Mobius Strip Maya Pindyck & Kay Gordon (Columbia U) in the Regitz Gallery Friday and Saturday WTF Workshops! WTF! Navigating Through Social Distance: A Relational Exercise in Race and the Rip Kenneth Bailey and Lori Lobenstine, Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) &Anique Vered (SenseLab) Thurs night 8:30-10:30 pm (The Seed Co-op) WTF! Touchy Matters: Writing about Online Baits & Triggers Theresa Senft (NYU) Friday 10:15-12:15 in Ware Center Room 3-05 WTF! Affective Architecture Workshop: Support Structure Julian Carter (California College of Arts), Rebekah Edwards (Mills College), Michelle LaVigne (U of San Francisco) & Selby Schwartz (Stanford U) Friday 1:30-3:00 pm Ware Center’s von Hess Library Room (2nd floor) WTF! Writing Practice as Affect Theory: A Public Feelings Salon Ann Cvetkovich (UT-Austin) … Friday 6:45-8:45 pm (catered meal over the dinner break; pre-registration – SOLD OUT! With waiting list) – von Hess Library Room WTF! Sticky Currents: Drawing Folds in Serial Exhaustion Nicole De Brabandere (Zurich University of the Arts) Friday 6:45 pm Lower Level 1-04 WTF! Movable Noisy Spaces Bianca Scliar of Moinho de Danças / SenseLab (State University of Santa Catarina, Brazil) Saturday 1:45-2:25 pm Lower Level 1-04 (30-40 minute walk/rhythmanalysis of Ware Center’s architectural landing sites) WTF Interacts! WTF! Poems of Love and Letters of Recommendation Miranda Texidor (Visual Artist: Quito Ecuador) – portico and front walkway of the Ware Center, Friday & Saturday throughout the day WTF! Landing in the Stream – with SenseLab participants A WTF movement that cuts through site and scales of attention, modulating the event. Join us for a first exploration of techniques in the making. First Departing Iteration on the main first upper grand foyer at 10:30 am on Friday and through Saturday (as other Distributed Iterations reverberate along the days). WTF! The Author is in Pain: Encountering the Non-Belonging Body Vyshali Manivannan (Rutgers)  – Saturday 8:20 am Lower Level 1-02 (paper/performance as part of a panel on Pain / Triggers / Intensity) WTF! KETL: forays in affective futures Michael Hornblow + Melora Koepke (SenseLab) – Saturday afternoon around the covered portico of the Ware Center, and then 7:05-8:45 pm in the Firestone parking lot behind the Ware Center (208 West Orange St) WTF Speaks! WTF! Wednesday opening reception from 8-9 pm. Tellus 360. Paulina Laguera and Colleen Daly / Face With a View Anna Gibbs / Whimper [a video version of this performance will also loop in the Regitz Gallery] Isabel Waidner / Gaudy Bauble Josephine Anstey / Improving Consciousness (IMPCON) Gilbert B. Rodman / The Imaginarium of Professor Seigworth WTF! Friday 5:05-6:45 pm: Evocations / Provocations. Grand Salon. Donora Hillard-Hare /The Aphasia Poems Bianca Scliar / Moveable Noisy Spaces Ligia Lewis / Sensation 1 [a taped performance that loops on a monitor in Regitz Gallery] Back to Schedule and Summary overview Go Back