Greg Seigworth, Affect Theory Conference: Worldings, Tensions, Futures, on Thursday, October 15, 2015 from 10:15 to 10:30am at the Ware Center, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Between 14th-17th October 2015 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania over 380 academics across diverse disciplinary boundaries and from eighteen different countries came together to consider the aesthetic, social, ethical, and political potential of affect theory. Organised by Greg Seigworth – the co-editor, with Melissa Gregg, of the touchstone text Affect Theory Reader – with assistance on the conference committee from Lisa Marie Blackman and Heather Love, this unique conference hosted by Millersville University, aimed to cultivate affective community, artistic interaction as well as scholarly stimulation. At once intense and intimate, the conference spreadeighteen of the leading theorists in affect theory across seven separate plenary sessions. The conference had nineteen different conference streams with over 220 academic papers, and more than a dozen artistic installations/interventions, and workshops. The inaugural conference of Affect Theory gathered together the leading and newly emerging thinkers in the field in order to take stock of what has gone before and imagine what might come.